Broken Theories

Kerosene Fragrances


Broken Theories

Dark corners of a room seem to creep and reach out as the midnight clouds steal the last remaining shards of moonlight. Memories of smokey dreams are lost within your mind. Ruminating over the scent of mystery and nightfall, the fire you went through drifts along the air, the spices of heartache linger on the skin. Assured, you know morning will come, the darkness will subside, and the theory that everything remains dreadful will be smashed and broken. 

Notes: Blood Orange, Tobacco, Spices, Vanilla Beans, Sandalwood, Oud, and Incense.

Size: 100ml

About Kerosene Fragrances

Small-batch fragrances crafted by Detroit-based perfumer, John Pegg, who was inspired by his town's automobile industry. Each bottle is hand-painted with automobile paint and hand-stamped in brass. The result is as if a shiny, classic metallic Ford collided with perfume, as songs by The Cure resonate out of the peaky tiny speakers from a clunky 8-track player.